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The second article in my leadership profile series. Ian Gardner is a reluctant achiever; an introvert by nature, he’s a builder creating extraordinarily successful, bold visions. He comes across as a very corporate guy, who possesses a lot of clarity and insight—people meet him and sense something different about his energy, they always ask, “how […]

We speak of victims (other than those of violent crimes) in our society with some disdain. Unfortunately, many of us haven’t a notion on how the philosophy finds its way into our lives, including our ability to lead. Anger is the first sign that someone or something has crossed our boundary. If we’re not careful, we’ll blame […]

We’ve all encountered them. Try as we might in the hiring process, one or two might slip on by and be the dark storm in the work environment. Is there a way to avoid toxic people? And if they’re a part of our business, how do we manage them? We can say they don’t know any better, perhaps […]

Many of us believe great leaders are born, specifically we attach certain characteristics to our version of what we believe is successful. So, what are the key traits most of us believe a leader should possess? Passion, vision, fearlessness, infallibility – might top the list of what is deemed as positive characteristics to define a leader. Great leaders […]

By Guest Blogger Kerry Elam Who do you think of as pivotal leaders from the past? Who presently stands out? What qualities do these leaders have? Who has been most influential to you as a leader in your career? By asking these questions, you will determine what resonates with you in regards to leadership. The […]

In the first stop of my leadership profile series, please meet Jon Vein; a collaborative leader. Jon brings an attitude of a collaborative leadership style. He is a purveyor of pragmatism mixed with passion. As co-founder and CEO of the high-tech software company MarketShare LLC, Jon believes the most important characteristic a leader can possess is to know what […]

My career started in sales. This was not my goal at the time. Sure, I had sold homemade cookies and popcorn balls on the street corner of my neighborhood when I was eight years old, but considering myself a salesperson……nah. Even when I sold Avon door to door in my senior year of high school, […]

Many business are often dubious around the influence that emotional well-being impacts an employee at work. Many don’t want to invest, because they think by taking care of their people it will make the employees less productive and well-being cuts into work time and affect the bottom line negatively. A report came out in 2013, called The State of The […]

“Get a coach, everyone needs a coach” In an interview with Fortune Magazine,  Eric Schmidt, former CEO of Google made that statement back in 2009. Perhaps, it was the shot heard round the world in the coaching and mentoring industry? Even though Schmidt is no longer CEO, Google continues to hire and use coaches for […]

Highly intelligent people can be their own worst enemy. We believe we’re open to change, inside and out. We think we understand everything and therefore, it is hard for us to listen to advice, because we believe we’ve been there and done that in the past (or we’ve thought it–so we know it). Highly intelligent […]