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We speak of victims (other than those of violent crimes) in our society with some disdain. Unfortunately, many of us haven’t a notion on how the philosophy finds its way into our lives, including our ability to lead. Anger is the first sign that someone or something has crossed our boundary. If we’re not careful, we’ll blame […]

By Guest Blogger Kerry Elam Who do you think of as pivotal leaders from the past? Who presently stands out? What qualities do these leaders have? Who has been most influential to you as a leader in your career? By asking these questions, you will determine what resonates with you in regards to leadership. The […]

In the first stop of my leadership profile series, please meet Jon Vein; a collaborative leader. Jon brings an attitude of a collaborative leadership style. He is a purveyor of pragmatism mixed with passion. As co-founder and CEO of the high-tech software company MarketShare LLC, Jon believes the most important characteristic a leader can possess is to know what […]

Many business are often dubious around the influence that emotional well-being impacts an employee at work. Many don’t want to invest, because they think by taking care of their people it will make the employees less productive and well-being cuts into work time and affect the bottom line negatively. A report came out in 2013, called The State of The […]

“Get a coach, everyone needs a coach” In an interview with Fortune Magazine,  Eric Schmidt, former CEO of Google made that statement back in 2009. Perhaps, it was the shot heard round the world in the coaching and mentoring industry? Even though Schmidt is no longer CEO, Google continues to hire and use coaches for […]

Insecurities… Perfectionism… Loneliness… People Pleasing… Victimization… Disempowerment… Manipulation… Driven to Prove… Inauthenticity… Lack of Trust… Arrogance… The list of words above could be a book in and of itself. The words most leaders don’t dare to share with others. It’s not good for their carefully constructed image as the guy or the gal who is […]

  How many books have most of us read on leadership, performance, or marketing, for business? What about psychological books, or perhaps, we’ve even drifted off into the area of new age Law of Attraction books? We are always in search of the answer. Many of us have given time to analyzing ourselves, our habits, our environment and opportunities to […]

A mainstay of leadership is to handle crisis with aplomb and an effective resolution. Unfortunately, for many leaders this is not always their approach. At times, the intention may be to lead through a dramatic predicament into order, but the leader may be masking or blunting his or her emotional state, which may impact the […]

Ever wonder how the same circumstances continue to show up in your personal and professional life? It can appear as though you are stuck in a vicious cycle or attracting similar situations, over and over? Check out this list on how you create this dynamic and how to gain more control. Whatever we give our attention to, grows. So, […]

Many people are aware of, or have read the book, The Four Agreements™. Those who’ve lifted the simplicity of the words from its pages may have implemented the agreements, only to receive mixed results. For a day or two, these individuals may try to enact all four agreements in their life, only to hit a wall. […]