There Really Are No Strings Attached

You can listen to all of the tips with no up-sell, downsell, continuity program, $1 trial, or “free plus shipping and handling” scam attached to this. And there isn’t some “part 2” of the course that I’m going to try and sell you (or some related mentoring program--unless of course you are interested).

Why I’m Doing This

My goal was to create something that most people would charge a fee of between $250 and $300 for, because of its inherent value. You see, the products that I DO charge for aren’t inexpensive (they’re usually in excess of $3k).

So every once in a while, someone says to me, “I wish you had a few products in the $100 to $200 price range.” And my answer to them is always the same… “I DO have Products For Less Than $1k. They’re Just Free.”